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Along with academic achievements, we want our students to improve as a person. These are some attributes that ONE values highly.



Improving our ability to connect with others is just as important as improving ourselves. An open minded person will remove personal biases and be able to immerse themselves in another experience. This is the most important characteristic we have as humans, and the only way to develop it is to practice it.


At ONE, students will experience and interact with international cultures on a day to day basis. This will prove to be invaluable as it will broaden their perspective and outlook, which will result in a more rounded, open minded individual.


Self development is the ability to assess one’s own qualities, to set goals, and maximise their potential. It is a life-long process, which is best begun at an early age. It is also a skill that needs to be practiced.

ONE encourages self development by helping students: 

- Understand their ability

- Set targets

- Achieve them

Repetition of this action will result in students developing self confidence and applying this skill to other areas of their life.



Confidence is determined by one’s ability to take risks. Realising one’s true potential builds self-esteem and the confidence to try new experiences, which fosters our mission statement of “Help me to help myself.”


ONE offers a rich curriculum supported by Education Outside of the Classroom where students can encourage each other in pushing through boundaries. Wellbeing and nurturing care provide a safe platform for students alike to build resilience and leadership skills.


The skill of thinking for oneself will be instrumental in not only language development, but development of self. ONE students will become critical thinkers through exercises such as discussions, debates, and speeches.

We encourage students to be excited, curious, and eager learners. Thinking critically is a key to unlock your learning potential, which is why we, at ONE value it highly.

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